Networking for Development: from town twinning to a more efficient cooperation aims to promote synergies for cooperation projects, encourage new communication channels between local authorities and reinforce the municipalities' role as cooperation for development active agents.

Composed by 14 Municipalities, the Networking for Development Platform is a tool opened to the involvement of allLocal Authorities and Non State Actors interested in the cooperation for development area. After Registration, a search can be done by:

Cooperation Activities – to check cooperation activities undertaken by various development stakeholders over time. Results can be filtered by country, region or location and by subject area.

Cooperation Opportunities – to check messages of opportunities/partnership demands posted by other stakeholders.

Local Authorities have developed, over the past two decades, cooperation for development activities in an autonomous approach, integrating the active forces of their municipalities. This engagement reinforces local communities, approximates citizens to decision-making processes, supports public consultation mechanisms and strengthens a participatory democracy. Local Authorities are privileged interlocutors among the population, capable of reaching the local needs.

The Non State Actors, whose essential contribution has been recognized in several national and international fora, have a unique capacity for society mobilization and awareness raising around common goals and interests. Their interaction with Local Authorities is becoming increasingly more frequent, given the mutual perception of partnerships' added value.

To find out more about Decentralized Cooperation – and, specifically, about Inter-municipality Cooperation – check theThematic Contents available in Resources.

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